Workshops - pastors

Exegetical study on the role of man and woman

- John Vieths

Reason for Hope:A brief but useful introduction to evidential apologetics

- Caleb Bassett

American society has become primary pluralistic and strictly secular. The Christian tradition is no longer the common heritage of civilization. As a result, approaches to evangelism that worked well in the past have seemingly little impact on the hearts and minds of people swimming in todayʼs cultural currents. Rather than lament the state of affairs, Christians can instead explore the practice of evidential apologetics as a particularly timely and effective toolkit for evangelism in the United States. This presentation will summarize the evidential approach to apologetics, demonstrate its particular strength as a Lutheran approach to evangelism, and offer participants a guide for further study in the field.

Rev. Caleb R. Bassett serves as pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fallbrook, California and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. Bassett has presented numerous times at the WELS National Worship Conference and has served as an essayist for the WELS Institute for Worship and Outreach. He serves our national church body as the chairman of the Technology Subcommittee and member of the Executive Committee of the WELS Hymnal Project. Bassett and his wife live together with their four children in the avocado country of Southern California.

The Congregational Life Cycle: Growing Young in Heart 

- Jon hein

The average Christian church in America exists for less than forty years.  Then, due to any number of possible reasons, it has to close its doors.  The average life-span of churches in WELS is older.  However, there is still a life cycle.  In WELS, we currently close one church every eight weeks.  There are certain indicators that a congregation is entering into the “greying” phase of its existence, not long for death (indicators that have nothing to do with the age of the people in the congregation).  In this presentation, Pastor Hein will share how, once you are assigned to a congregation, you can determine where it is at in its natural life cycle.  More importantly, the participants will learn some ways to attempt to move a church in the “decline phase” back to the “formational phase” of existence.