Workshops - general

A Devoted Devotional Life

- Ed schuppe

Do you want to improve your devotional life?  What has hindered your devotional life?  Are you looking for practical rather than philosophical help?  Then Ed Schuppe's workshop is what you are looking for.  He has spent most of his life focused on developing and improving his devotional life every year since 1969.  Ed is the author of a weekly newsletter called "Some Gleanings."  In this newsletter, he shares many things that he reads and he also shares things from his devotional life.  He will work with you on how you would like to improve your devotional life.  He will share many resources with you in regard to devotional living.

Sizzling Seniors: Building Confidence and improving the lives of Seniors

- Denise Hunt

Are our churches forgetting a very important part of the community and congregation? Neglecting a resource which could be used as a successful witnessing tool?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us that our body is the temple of The Holy Spirit, but what happens when bodies are broken or ailing, and spirits are deflated? This is the question which will be explored as we look at The Move Your Body Program and how it can be used to help our seniors find connection within the haven of the church, reduce absenteeism, increase membership and build stronger, healthier bodies. Participants should wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing for this workshop.

Denise Hunt is the creator of the Move Your Body program and is a member of Holy Word in Austin.

youth and Teen Ministry: Spiritual Combat

- Daniel schmidt

The cultural pressures that affect our youth today are causing many of them to abandon their faith in God or never find it in the first place. The next generation will be lost if we don’t do something now.  So, whether you have a group that already reaches the youth of your community or you’re looking to start one, this breakout is for you.  We’ll use an interactive approach to model an easy way to engage the next generation with Biblical, practical truths.  AND you’ll get to take home ready-made interactive Bible studies in a digital format that you can use right away. This breakout with be led by Pastor Dan Schmidt, the Youth and Discipleship Coordinator for the South Central District.  

Moving from Guilt and Planning to Confidence and Action

– Jon Leach

Outreach is one of the most commonly discussed topics in church and with good reason…it’s why we’re still here! Yet many feel ill-equipped and even guilt. A shift from we to me, from trying to reach all to one at a time can transform your witnessing journey to be relational and joyful. Come and learn from some common mistakes and discover how you can get started witnessing today.

 Jon Leach serves as chairman of the East Asia Board for World Missions Committee. As Vice-President of Truth in Love Ministry, he empowers God’s people to share their faith with Mormons (and anyone) all around the world.

Women’s ministry

- Naomi schmidt

Our society is often confused or offended by God’s creation of male and female—and consequently miss out on the beautiful blessing of God's designed partnership!  In ministry, this partnership is important as we spread the Gospel and encourage others. Christian women reach out and give witness to the love of Christ—and we rejoice in the opportunities, gifts and relationships God has given them! Whether speaking to Muslim women, building up young mothers, or living an example of integrity in the work place, God is sharing His love through women. Join the conversation about the many ways to encourage and engage women in ministry. Presenter Naomi Schmidt is the author of a new Bible study on Ruth and serves on the Women’s Ministry Executive Committee.

Engage, Equip and Empower Members for Ministry

- Lori Lorig

In 2 Corinthians 12:1 Paul writes, “Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed.” Yet when you ask many WELS members if they know what their spiritual gifts are they have no idea.  Most congregations also struggle to find people to serve in positions within their congregation. 

 Is there a way to create a sustainable member ministry system that teaches the Biblical foundations of serving, helps people to discover their unique gifts and passions and connects them with meaningful ministry?  Yes there is! Lori Lorig, from Faith Unleashed Consulting will share “The 8 Key Components of a Member Ministry System.” At Trinity in Crete, Illinois they use a unique discovery process called SHAPED to Serve that helps the congregation get the right people serving in the right place, at the right time and for the right reason.  Come learn how to unleash more people into ministry!

Lori Lorig is the passionate leader of Faith Unleashed Consulting. She has been an active Christian leader and volunteer coordinator for over thirty years. In 2008 she was hired by Trinity Lutheran Church in Crete, Illinois to build a member ministry system to engage more people in service. Lori, along with an amazing team of individuals, created a sustainable member ministry system at Trinity. Over six hundred people, including students, have participated in her self-discovery workshops which allow people to live intentionally based on how God has uniquely designed them

Lori is passionate about intentionally living for Jesus and helping others to do the same. In 2010 she launched an annual Faith in Action Day at Trinity which has served thousands through Christians working together. Lori has also served on numerous vision planning teams and worked to build many successful ministries inside and outside the walls of her church.

Lori has been married to her husband, Alan, for 36 years. She is mom to Greg and wife Bethany, Chris, and Katie. She is nana to Luke and Brooklyn. She loves to travel, learn and spend time with family and friends.

Women Advancing the Mission of Our Congregations

- Marilyn Miller

God crowned his creation with both men and women, commanding them to care for his creation, care for each other, and serve him in all they do. He has blessed them with the many gifts and abilities, some gender-unique, they will need to carry out his commands. For many years, our congregations have relied on men to accomplish the work of the church, often leaving the many gifts of women untapped. This session will challenge the attendees to find ways to expand the traditional male-dominated infrastructure of the congregation to include the many gifts of women, making full use of the interdependent and complementary partnership God designed for his people without abusing his requirement for the selfless leadership of men and the selfless yielding of women. Presenter Marilyn Miller is a retired deaconess at Abiding Word in Houston and chairs the WELS Women’s Ministry Committee.