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Defending the faith


2020 Grow Conference

February 6-7

Abiding Word Lutheran Church and School Houston, TX


The GROW Conference exists to bring together WELS Pastors, Teachers (male and female), and Lay Leaders (male and female) from across the South Central District to grow together in God’s Word and grow in our various roles within the church through a Keynote Address, a wide variety of workshop options and fellowship opportunities.


Thursday Keynote

The worldview of North Americans has changed dramatically in the two decades since the beginning of the millennium. Christian beliefs and morals are becoming increasingly foreign and unfamiliar to the majority of people that our congregations are trying to reach. Outreach approaches developed in the 20th century in which we were trained often don’t result in engaging 21st century prospects in conversation when reaching out to them with the gospel.

This year’s keynote address will be Professor Dr. Michael Berg. Prof. Berg will define what apologetics is and examine how the apostles and prophets as well as the church fathers presented the truths of God to the people of their day. He will make the case that apologetics is really a ministry of caring. When we understand the need that the lost have for someone to bring the gospel to them, we’ll be moved to engage them in discussion. And he will wisely distinguish between the use of reason in such discussions and the need for faith.

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Friday Workshops

Day 2 is filled with workshops to meet the needs of all attendees, pastors, and teachers. Click below to view descriptions of the Day 2 workshops.


We have a packed schedule to ensure you get the most out of these 2 days.

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